Warm Dense Matter (WDM) is an emerging and challenging field that is at the crossroads of strong and weakly coupled plasmas, degeneracy and non-degeneracy, and solid, liquid and vapor states. As a means of providing a systematic view of this exciting new field, a school will be held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The school will consist of five days of lectures (Th 1/10, Fr 1/11, Mo 1/14, Tu 1/15, We 1/16) on the various elements of WDM physics. The lectures will be tutorials intended for students beginning research work in the field of WDM; they will start from the basics, give clear definitions of the specialized terms, and describe the principal diagnostics and experimental techniques. The School will also include a student poster session.
* Registration Deadline : December 21, 2007


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Lecture topics will include:

- Basic theory of hot matter (hot solids, gases, chemical reactions, ionization equilibrium)

- Basic experimental and diagnostic techniques

- Special diagnostic techniques (x-ray probes, visar, ellipsometry, etc.)

- Some recent experimental work using lasers, ion beams, and pulse power

- Effects of preheat

- Predictions of novel phases or new phenomena in the WDM range

- Applications to high-temperature chemistry, planetary science, material science, etc.


Lecturers will include :

John Benage (LANL), Frank Bieniosek (LBNL), Christophe Debonnel (CEA), Michael Desjarlais (Sandia), Roger Falcone (IMDEC/UC), Alon Greenenko (U. Warwick), Nat Fisch (PPPL), Siegfried Glenzer (LLNL), Dieter Hoffmann (GSI), Raymond Jeanloz (UCB), Jun Hasegawa (Tokyo Tech), Igor Kaganovich (PPPL), Hikaru Kitamura (Kyoto U), Ryosuke Kodama (Osaka U), Stephen Libby (LLNL), Richard Lee (LLNL), Sam Mao (LBNL), Richard More (LBNL), Michael Murillo (LANL), Andrew Ng (LLNL), Pavel Ni (LBNL), Tim Renk (Sandia), Naeem Tahir (GSI), Francis Thio (DOE), Jonathan Wurtele (UCB/LBNL), Hitoki Yoneda (Univ. of Electro-Communication, Tokyo), John Barnard (LLNL) and others.


The school is being sponsored by the Heavy Ion Fusion Science Virtual National Laboratory (HIFS VNL), the University of California's Institute for Material Dynamics at Extreme Conditions (IMDEC) and the Japanese JSPS Core-to-Core Program "International Collaboration for High Energy Density Science."


Questions? : Contact Wes Tabler(wwtabler@lbl.gov)