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#@(#) File WRZ.V, version $Revision: 3.12 $, $Date: 2009/02/03 19:35:49 $ 
# Copyright (c) 1990-1998, The Regents of the University of California.
# All rights reserved.  See LEGAL.LLNL for full text and disclaimer.
# This is the parameter and variable database for package WRZ of code WARP
# RZ - PIC package of rz particle code
# Alex Friedman, LLNL, (510)422-0827
# David P. Grote, LLNL, (510)423-7194
# Debbie Callahan, LLNL, (510)423-5926

Module WRZversion dump:
# Quantities associated with version control 
verswrz character*19 /"$Revision: 3.12 $"/ # Current code version, set by CVS

Module InPltCtlrz dump:
# Controls for when the various plots are made
icrhorz     integer /SELDOM/ # rho contours 
icphirz     integer /SELDOM/ # phi contours 
ipphivz     integer /SELDOM/ # phi on axis and Vz vs Z for videos
ipphivzc    integer /SELDOM/ # phi on axis and Vz vs Z (color)

[fftdrz] [fldrz] [fluidrz] [geteserz] [getforce] [gtlchgrzold] [ldlinbm] [ldshell] [padvncrz] [rhodiarz] [setexte] [setrhorz] [setsc] [steprz] [stptclrz] [vprz] [wrzexe] [wrzfin] [wrzgen]
Module InGenrz dump:
# General parameters which control the mechanics of the run (input qtys)
filt(5)                   real  [1]  /5*0./   # filtering coeffs for fieldsolve
rwallfac                  real  [1]  /1./     # factor for g factor in wrzgen
   # Filtering coefficients for fieldsolve
fftdiag                logical /.false./
vecrho                    logical /.false./# Controls use of vector depos.
frcetype                  character*8 /"regress"/
    # Method used to calculate external radial force--regress or analytic
eta                       real  [V/A/m] /0.0/ # Surface resistivity (Ohm/meter)
taurc                     real  [s]     /0.0/ # RC time
lbeforefs  logical    /.false./  # Turns on call to Python function "beforefs"
lafterfs   logical    /.false./  # Turns on call to Python function "afterfs"

[ldlinbm] [ldshell] [stptclrz] [wrzfin] [wrzgen]
Module InPartrz dump:
# Particle input quantities (input qtys)
distrbtn                  character*8  /"K-V"/
   # particle distribution, either "semigaus" or "K-V"
distr_l                   character*8  /"neuffer"/
   # longitudinal velocity distribution for cigar load: either "neuffer"
   # for hard edged distribution (Vlasov equilibrium), or "gaussian" for
   # gaussian distribution with same rms variation in z.
cigarld                   logical      /.false./
   # specifies whether or not to do a cigar load (finite beam)
xrandom                   character*8  /"pseudo"/
   # random numbers used for x,y, and z. "pseudo","fibonacc","digitrev","grid"
vtrandom                  character*8  /"pseudo"/
   # random numbers used for vx and vy. "pseudo" or "digitrev"
vzrandom                  character*8  /"pseudo"/
   # random numbers used for vz. "pseudo" or "digitrev"
ldprfile                  character*8  /"streamls"/
   # load profile "streamls" or "stripes"
cylinder                  logical      /.false./
   # specifies whether or not to load a cylinder
hollow                    integer    /0/
   # specifies type of hollow beam (0:none, 1:linear in r^2, 2:n(r)~(1+(h-1)r^2))
hollow_h                  real       /.5/
   # Hollowness factor used for hollow=2, Note: cannot be 1.
#shell                     logical      /.false./
   # specifies whether or not to load a shell
   # variable is kept in Fieldsrz 
kzpert                    real /0.0/
   # kz perturbation
vzpert                    real /0.0/
   # uz perturbation
phipert                   real /0.0/
   # phase shift for perturbation
zjig                      real  [1]    /0./
   # Controls "jiggling" of initial positions in z, for grid loading
nxstripe                  integer  /20/
   # Number of x stripes on which particles are loaded, for grid loading
nystripe                  integer  /20/
   # Number of y stripes on which particles are loaded, for grid loading
nzstripe                  integer  /24/
   # Number of z stripes on which particles are loaded, for grid loading
nfibgrps                  integer  /4/
   # Number used fibonacci groups
fibg1                     integer  /1958/
   # Number used for fibonacci loading (See S.K. Zaremba ref. in setptcls)
fibg2                     integer  /252/
   # Number used for fibonacci loading (See S.K. Zaremba ref. in setptcls)
fibg3                     integer  /414/
   # Number used for fibonacci loading (See S.K. Zaremba ref. in setptcls)
fibg4                     integer  /0/
   # Number used for fibonacci loading (See S.K. Zaremba ref. in setptcls)
dig1                      integer /2/
   # first base used for digit reversed loading
dig2                      integer /3/
   # second base used for digit reversed loading
dig3                      integer /5/
   # third base used for digit reversed loading
dig4                      integer /11/
   # fourth base used for digit reversed loading
dig5                      integer /17/
   # fifth base used for digit reversed loading

[fieldsolhr] [fieldsolrz] [fldrz] [fluidrz] [getcurrent] [geteserz] [getforce] [gtlchgrzold] [hergen] [ldlinbm] [ldshell] [padvncrz] [prntparz] [psort] [pushrz] [rhodiarz] [setrhohr] [setrhorz] [setsc] [sezaxrz] [sphiaxrz] [srhoaxrz] [steprz] [stptclrz] [vprz] [vstcurr] [vstrhorz] [wrzexe] [wrzfin] [wrzgen]
Module InMeshrz dump:
# Mesh specifications (input qtys)
nr                        integer /16/    #  Mesh points are 0,...,nr
nz                        integer /32/    #  Mesh points are 0,...,nz
rmmin                     real   [m]  / .00/   #  Lower limit of mesh
rmmax                     real   [m]  / .05/   #  Upper limit of mesh
zmmin                     real   [m]  /-1.0/   #  Lower limit of mesh
zmmax                     real   [m]  / 1.0/   #  Upper limit of mesh

[psort] [vstcurr] [vstrhorz] [wrzgen]
Module Sortrz dump:
ignmax                    integer /0/     #  Number of groups-psort sets it
npsort                    integer /0/     # number of particles-set in wrzgen
igrp(npsort)              dynamic integer
ipgrp(npsort)             dynamic integer
npic(0:nz)                dynamic integer
nig(ignmax)               dynamic integer
ipnt(ignmax+1)            dynamic integer
ipindex(ignmax)           dynamic integer
index(0:3,nz/2+1)         dynamic integer
s(0:3,nz/2+1)             dynamic real

[fieldsolhr] [fieldsolrz] [fldrz] [fluidrz] [getcurrent] [geteserz] [getforce] [gtlchgrzold] [hergen] [ldlinbm] [ldshell] [padvncrz] [rhodiarz] [setexte] [setrhohr] [setrhorz] [setsc] [sezaxrz] [sphiaxrz] [srhoaxrz] [steprz] [stptclrz] [vprz] [wrzexe] [wrzfin] [wrzgen]
Module Fieldsrz dump:
# Large arrays: potential and charge density, plot scratch, etc.
ibc                  character*8 /"ereq0"/ # Boundary condition for fieldsolve
                                           # ereq0--E_r=0 for r > rmmax
                                           # bessel--E_r~K_1(kr) for r > rmmax
eoffrz                    real   [V/m]     
vphase                    real   [m/s]     # Calculated phase velocity of wave
rmesh(0:nr)               dynamic real  [m]       # R coordinates of mesh points
rhalf(0:nr)               dynamic real  [m]       # R coordinate on half mesh point
zmesh(0:nz)               dynamic real  [m]       # Z coordinates of mesh points
scrtch(0:nz,0:nr)         dynamic real            # Scratch for plots
phi(0:nr,-1:nz+1)         dynamic real  [V]       # Electrostatic potential
rho(0:nr,0:nz)            dynamic real  [C/m**3]  # Charge density
    # Must come after scrtch, to protect lost particle phi lookup
rhov(0:nr,0:nz)           dynamic real  [C/m**3]  # temporary rho
currv(0:nz)               dynamic real            # temporary current
attz(0:nz/2)              dynamic real            # Attenuation factor as fcn. of kz
kzsq(0:nz)                dynamic real  [1/m**2]  # Discrete analog to kz^2/4Pi
force(0:nr,0:nz)          dynamic real  [N]       # Radial external force
erfld(0:nr,0:nz)          dynamic real  [V/m]     # R component of E field
ezfld(0:nr,0:nz)          dynamic real  [V/m]     # Z component of E field
schrg(0:nz)               dynamic real  [C]       # Surface charge for resistive wall
rfsmat(0:nr,3,0:nz)       dynamic real            # Tridiagonal matrix for field solve
rwwork(0:nz)              dynamic real            # Workspace for resistive wall
rwwork2(0:nz)             dynamic real            # Workspace for resistive wall
phikold(0:nz)             dynamic real            # FFT of phi at wall at last timestep
eearsrz(0:nr,0:nz)        dynamic real [V/m]      # Eears over whole beam bunch
eearsave(0:nz)            dynamic real [V/m]      # Ears saved for intermittent ears
ezext(0:nz)               dynamic real [V/m]      # Ext. E field for resistive wall
curr0(0:nz)               dynamic real [A]        # Current at t=0 for capacitance
phiresist(0:nz)           dynamic real [V]        # Int I*eta for phi on axis plots

[getforce] [padvncrz] [seterzrz] [wrzgen]
Module LinearBeam dump:
shell                     logical      /.false./
   # specifies whether or not to load a shell
linbeam                   logical      /.false./
   # specifies whether or not to load a 'linear' beam

[fldrz] [fluidrz]
Module InFluidrz:
nfrstrz                   integer  /0/     # starting time step
ihist                     integer  /0/
ikmode                    integer  /0/
nhistrz                   integer  /100/

[fldrz] [fluidrz]
Module Fluidsrz dump:
lamfld(0:nz)              dynamic complex [C/m]   # Line charge for fluid code
vzfld(0:nz)               dynamic complex [m/s]   # Fluid velocity
e1fld(0:nz)               dynamic complex [V/m]   # Electric Field
lamold(0:nz)              dynamic complex [C/m]   # Line charge at last time step
ikdt(0:nz)                dynamic complex         # i*kz*dt
arryr(0:nz)               dynamic real            # scratch array
arryi(0:nz)               dynamic real            # scratch array
thistrz(0:nhistrz)        dynamic real 
lamrhist(0:nhistrz)       dynamic real
lamihist(0:nhistrz)       dynamic real

[fieldsolhr] [fieldsolrz] [fldrz] [fluidrz] [getcurrent] [geteserz] [getforce] [gtlchgrzold] [hergen] [ldlinbm] [ldshell] [padvncrz] [rhodiarz] [setrhohr] [setrhorz] [setsc] [sezaxrz] [sphiaxrz] [srhoaxrz] [steprz] [stptclrz] [vprz] [vstcurr] [vstrhorz] [wrzexe] [wrzfin] [wrzgen]
Module Picglbrz dump:
# Globally useful quantities for PIC simulation
dr                        real   [m]  /0./  #  mesh spacing in r
dz                        real   [m]  /0./  #  mesh spacing in z
nmrz                      integer /0/
   # larger of nr, nz
nrz                      integer /0/
   # size of a field array, (nr+1)*(nz+1)

Module Setpworkrz:
# Scratch arrays for subroutine setptcls
npgrp            integer /0/
indx(npgrp)     dynamic integer
xt(npgrp)       dynamic real
yt(npgrp)       dynamic real
zt(npgrp)       dynamic real
uxt(npgrp)      dynamic real
uyt(npgrp)      dynamic real
uzt(npgrp)      dynamic real
perpscal(npgrp) dynamic real
at(npgrp)       dynamic real
apt(npgrp)      dynamic real
bt(npgrp)       dynamic real
bpt(npgrp)      dynamic real
xct(npgrp)      dynamic real
xpct(npgrp)     dynamic real
yct(npgrp)      dynamic real
ypct(npgrp)     dynamic real
vzt(npgrp)      dynamic real
epsxt(npgrp)    dynamic real
epsyt(npgrp)    dynamic real
ibeamt(npgrp)   dynamic real

[fftdrz] [steprz] [wrzgen]
Module FFTDiagrz dump:
# Arrays used for the Fourier transform diagnostic
indxk                  integer /0/
nzfft                  integer /0/
xreal(0:nzfft)         dynamic real
ximag(0:nzfft)         dynamic real

Module WRZsubs:
# Subroutines in package RZ
extbrz (np,rp:real,tp:real,zp:real,uzp:real,gaminv:real,br:real,bt:real,
             subroutine # Sets external B field
exterz (np,zp:real,uzp:real,zbeam:real,rp:real,ez0:real,er:real,et:real,
             subroutine # Sets external E field
fixrhorz()   subroutine # "Fixes" charge density by 1-beta^2, curvature
geteserz()   subroutine # Computes electrostatic energy
getforce()   subroutine # Computes external force to balance space-charge force 
gtlchgrz()   subroutine # Computes line charge density
padvncrz (center:string)
             subroutine # Advances particles and rho
             subroutine # Equates end slices of phi for periodicity
             subroutine # Sums end slices of rho for periodicity
             subroutine # Prints out rz specific stuff (like prntpara())
pushrz (center:string,np,rp:real,tp:real,zp:real,urp:real,utp:real,
             subroutine # Particle advance
seterzrz (itask,phi:real,force:real,np,rp:real,zp:real,zbeam:real,
             subroutine # Sets internal E field
setrhorz (rho1d:real,np,rp:real,zp:real,zbeam:real,uzp:real,q:real,
             subroutine # Computes charge density
             subroutine # Enforces sticky r walls
stptclrz()   subroutine # Particle initializer
             subroutine # Full Piosson solver, calls vprz.
vprz(iwhich) subroutine # The rz Poisson solver

             subroutine # Controls field plots
             subroutine # Sets surface charge for resistive wall
sezaxrz()    subroutine # Sets E_z on axis for plotting by onedplts
sphiaxrz()   subroutine # Sets Phi on axis for plotting by onedplts
srhoaxrz()   subroutine # Sets Rho on axis for plotting by onedplts
fldrz(nstep) subroutine # 1-d fluid code