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#@(#) File FXY.V, version $Revision: 3.5 $, $Date: 2008/02/01 00:07:04 $
# Copyright (c) 1990-1998, The Regents of the University of California.
# All rights reserved.  See LEGAL.LLNL for full text and disclaimer.
# This is the parameter and variable database for package FXY of code WARPxy
# fieldsolver package and test driver
# David Grote, LLNL, (510)423-7194

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Module FXYversion:
# Variables needed by the test driver of package FXY
versfxy character*19 /"$Revision: 3.5 $"/#  Code version version is set by CVS

[capmatxyf] [cmsetxy]
Module CapMatxy dump: 
ncxymax            integer  # Maximum number of points in conductors
ncxy               integer  # Number of points within conductors
xcond(ncxymax)    dynamic real [m] # X coordinate of points in conductors
ycond(ncxymax)    dynamic real [m] # Y coordinate of points in conductors
vcond(ncxymax)    dynamic real [V] # voltage of points in conductors
pcond(ncxymax)    dynamic real [V] # actual potential on points in conductors
                            # (auto set)
qcond(ncxymax)    dynamic real [C] # induced charge on points in conductors (auto set)
cmatxy(ncxy,ncxy) dynamic real /0./ # Capacity matrix (auto set)
kpvtxy(ncxy)      dynamic integer  # Pivot points for matrix solve (auto set)

Module FXYsubs: